miércoles, 20 de octubre de 2010

Protest gathering Hospital de St. Pau

This Thursday, 21st of October, the “Forum de Investigacion Biomedica UAB-CEI” will be held in the “Casa de la Convalescencia” which is part of the UAB on the grounds of the Hospital de St. Pau in Barcelona. Participants are the Minister of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya (Marina Geli) and the Minister of Innovation of Universities and Enterprises (Josep Huguet).

In order to reinforce the manifest, there will be a protest gathering from 12h to 13h which will be timed with the presence of Mr. Huguet. The assisting people are asked to wear orange clothing (the colour represents the precarious scientist). The plan is to read out loud the manifest and hand a copy to Mr. Huguet. Furthermore, a basket with oranges and a juice squeezer will be given to the Minister as representation of the current situation of the PhD students working as researchers.

Everybody willing to attend is invited to participate, preferably wearing orange clothing.

Please check back for updated time before going there.

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