viernes, 22 de octubre de 2010

Manifest and signature campaign

Preparing and adjusting the manifest with D-recerca had the outcome of taking the long version (version A) as a basis of our opposition against the increased thesis fee and the precarious situation of the pre-doctoral scientists in Catalonia. The short version of the manifest (version B) is still available as a summary of the principal points in order to be used whenever a short version is necessary.

Both manifests are available in Catalan and Spanish. Further down on this page you can find the revised final version.

IMPORTANT: Please also visit THIS PAGE and leave you digital signature, which are being collected since yesterday. Pass on this link to fellow students, friends and family. It is not necessary that they are directly affected by the increased fee, they can just show their support by signing. Please also check that the signature is validated.

Furthermore, the different subgroups are cordially invited in the collection of signatures (not online but on paper!) in order to support the manifest. Every single subgroup should then compile the collected signatures which are all brought together afterwards.

A draft form for the collection of signatures will be available here soon!


The signatories of this manifest state that:

1. The Generalitat has increased the cost of the thesis supervision to 400 Euro (a 280% increase from previous years), which PhD students in Catalonia must pay annually to have right to undertake a PhD in the Catalan research system.

2. We understand that being research student is a professional activity, comparable to any other performed by scientist working in research as it is recognized by the European Letter for Researchers [1].

3. Those 400 Euro only make worse the precarious situation of young researchers, being an economic barrier that discourages and hinders access to the profession of scientist.

4. We recognize that the Generalitat has the right to set prices in public universities according to the Royal Decree 1393/2007, provided they are related to the cost of a service, but without upper limit and leaving it to the will of the autonomous institution to set them.

5. The explanations received by the relevant agencies (government and universities), attributing the increase of the service fees, established by Decree 98/2010 of the Generalitat, Annex 1, paragraph 4.6, do not satisfy the signatories of this manifest, as the researchers in training, like any other researcher, have the right to access all the services necessary to perform their task, and no payment for these services should be necessary.

6. These 400 Euro are an even greater outrage if we consider the reduction of 5% of salary that have undergone the PhD students of public universities, and we understand that Catalonian PhD students suffer much economic misfortune compared with other Autonomous Communities where none of these measures have been applied.

We demand:

1. The reception of a promptly and timely response in writing by the authorities of university and government.

2. The deletion of paragraph 4.6 of Annex 1 of Decree 98/2010 of the Generalitat of Catalonia which sets a price of 400 Euro for the fees for thesis supervision in a doctoral program adapted to the European Higher Education Area (EEES in Spanish).

3. Due to this exceptional situation and by decree, a suspension of the registration period for PhD programs in Catalan universities, until an agreement between the parties involved is obtained.

4. An immediate monetary reintegration of those who paid the enrollment in a PhD Program in Catalan universities.

[1] The European charter for Researcher and the code of conduct for recruitment of researchers. European Commission, 2000.

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