viernes, 22 de octubre de 2010

IMPORTANT: Next steps and Selection of representatives for discussion meeting

The protest gathering at the Biomedical Research Forum UAB-CIS has been a success for pre-doctoral researchers. Around 200 people gathered outside the hall where the event was held asking for the attention of Minister Huguet. Doctoral students were able to read the summary of the manifest and the closing of the forum was adjourned briefly so the Minister could have a first dialogue with a delegation of the demonstrators.

The demonstrators were invited to allow the completion of the act and wait outside the Casa de la Convalescència for a new dialogue with the General Director of Universities of the Generalitat, Josep Ribas, to which they agreed.

While waiting there was some open discussions among the gathered people, who later left the premises, so the delegation could hold a meeting with the General Director.
In this initial contact a commitment has been made to study the issue at a meeting specifically devoted to it, to be held on Wednesday or Thursday next week and attended by the Minister Huguet, a representative of the DGU, two vice-chancellors of Catalan universities, representing all the universities of Catalonia, and four representatives of the pre-doctoral researchers from all over Catalonia.

Researchers must now select these four representatives and prepare the agenda for the meeting, which convenes next Monday 25th of October at 19h, in front of the UB historic building's main door. D-Recerca will reserve a room for the meeting.

The objectives of this meeting are:
1. Elect four representatives to take part in the meeting next week (and
probably in the later ones).
2. Set the number of points to be addressed at that meeting and the minimum
acceptable for each point.

Each university and local entity (PCB, PRBB, Bellaterra, Vall d'Hebron, UdG, UPF, UVic, URV, etc...) has to send a delegation to represent their pre-doctoral researchers at the meeting in order to have the greatest amount of views and ideas.

The representative committee should be maintained for future development and should commit to:
1. Inform your local collective.
2. Coordinate the decision-making of the collective.
3. Represent your local collective and the whole Catalan collective in possible
future meetings.

The confirmed talks with the administration provide the opportunity for the group of Catalan doctorates to start changing the situation. The elected representatives should have perfectly clear the position and requests of their local collective, as well as the best negotiation capability with a serene, but demanding attitude.

This blog encourages pre-doctorate researchers to continue their exemplary, democratic, and respectful attitude, and to participate without ever yielding to the any demand posted by the government.

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